Best Buy 2010: Digital TV Antenna

Are you looking for a digital TV antenna or HDTV antenna since the digital transition? Do you have a new plasma or LCD TV and need an antenna to get better reception? You can choose available indoor digital tv antenna and outdoor digital tv antenna there.

Some of the main TV antennas brands that we will be taking a look at include RCA, Winegard, Antennas Direct, Antenna Craft, DX, and Channel Master. The digital television transition is bringing with it solutions to the 2 most annoying troubles of analog broadcasting; snow and picture ghosting. Digital TV channels allow for a crisp, ghost-free picture and clear sound. All local content is not yet broadcast in HDTV, so it’s typical for stations to broadcast their digital TV channels in standard definition during the day and switch to a full widescreen HDTV broadcast during the “prime time” hours.


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